Tuesday, October 5, 2010

extra income online

This tips may help you  to make and save money while surfing the net! 
Are you familiar with paid-to-click or PTC? its a matter of clicking the ads and you will get paid. PTC means Paid-to-click, earning money by simply clicking on ads shown in a list of sites that pay you to click for a period of time (usually 30 seconds). They're all free to join, and require no skill to make money. Most of them are international-friendly, too. I like these sites a lot because you can visit multiple sites and have them open at the same time, allowing you to make money as quick as you can click on the banners. All of the sites I have listed below allow you to use either Alertpay or Paypal for you to cash out your money from the  listed site below. All you have to do is to register and start clicking the ads. If you haven't gotten an account with those two, you may create your account it's free; Alertpay or Paypal for your earnings. Try to look at this earning computation below!

Earnings Computation:
If you are an active clicker..
You've registered to 1 PTC site with 15 ads/day.
$.01/click x 15 ads/day = $0.15/day
$0.15/day x 7 days = $1.05 /week
$0.15/day x 30 days = $4.5/month. (Kind a low)

You've registered to 23 PTC site with 15 ads/day.
$.01/click x 15 ads/day x 23 PTC sites= $3.45/day
$3.45/day x 7 days/day = $24.15/week
$3.45/day x 30 days = $103.5/month!!.. (Not bad!) if you are an active clicker.   

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top 15 best and honest PTC sites!
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This PTC sites are only few but you can add more if you want and i suggest you to search  in google and discover other honest PTC sites in your own and learn how it works so that you can figured it out the best among the best PTC sites that pay you on time!

i hope you appreciate my effort to make and share this tutorial or information with you guys and i hope it makes valuable to others.
please keep sharing don't be selfish let the others earn too!